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Art has shaped human history over millennia. However, today, original projects are struggling to be funded. The art market, estimated at between 70 and 800 billion dollars, remains reserved to a small elite.

At the dawn of this new chapter driven by the digital revolution, we believe that art still plays its vital role in inspiring people to feel emotions. To feel Human. In this new world of decentralized art, conventional boundaries are transcended and exceptional art is saved.​

Art Can Die was born to save art. By building a solid bridge between new technologies and an art market in search of renewal, we create a disruptive space connected to the real world, a perfect alliance between physical and digital art.

The result is a more secure, transparent, free and democratized art market. Artists are better funded, and the community benefits from an art world at its full potential.

 Art Can Die lives for timeless art. 


Die Coin. More than a coin. Your secure and direct access to a world of art 3.0. Each generation experiences a disruption of a system that has become obsolete. ​$DIE was born to revolutionize the art market.

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