Bio Base Asia

Pilot Plant

a multi-purpose biorefinery pilot plant

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (BBEPP), Belgium and the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) of Thailand partnered up to launch BioBase Asia Pilot Plant (BBAPP), a multi-purpose biorefinery pilot plant. The Facility is built on “Biopolis”, a translational research hub for biobased industry, situated at the Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi), Thailand.

Thailand is one of the top producers and exporters of sugarcane, cassava, oil palm and many other agricultural products. More than 40 million tons of biomass are currently under-utilized. This gap presents ample opportunity for biorefinery technology that enables the conversion of biomass to energy, chemicals and biomaterials, significantly raising the value of these crops and their by-products.

The Bio Base Asia Pilot Plant is the first of its kind in Thailand and ASEAN countries with a unique mission to develop and scale up sustainable biobased products and processes. The pilot-scale infrastructure aims to provide a platform for local and international private and public organizations and academic institutions to scale up and validate their laboratory processes, perform the techno-economic assessment and facilitate market entry before investing in a dedicated production plant.

Bio Base Asia Pilot Plant will serve industries active in biochemicals, biomaterials and other relevant bioproducts as well as industries focused on applications in food, feed, cosmetics and nutraceuticals. The services broadly cover biomass pretreatment, industrial biotechnology (microbial fermentation and biocatalysis), green chemistry and downstream processing operations to transform low-value biomass raw materials into a wide range of high-value bioproducts.

The Bio Base Asia Pilot Plant is currently under construction and will be fully operational in 2024.

Bio Base Asia Pilot Plant

EECi, Pa Yup Nai, Wangchan

Rayong 21210, Thailand