Call for Contributions to BE CONNECTED Newsletter by BeLuThai

BE CONNECTED by BeLuThai welcome our member to share, would you mind contributing news in our newsletter?

Dear Members, 

The Belgian-Luxembourg/Thai Chamber of Commerce (BeLuThai) is seeking your contributions to the weekly BE CONNECTED Newsletter to share with the BeLuThai community. We invite our BeLuThai Members to submit a short article or announcement that fits into the following categories:

  • News items, conference announcements, etc.
  • Brief articles – short, topical, news-oriented
  • Promotions
  • Staff search
  • Or anything you would like to share with the BeLuThai community. 

Guidelines for Contributions:

  • Must include links (URLs) to additional information. A link to your website is encouraged (more traffic to your website)
  • If there is no link (URLs), please provide the article in Word format including a title.
  • One or more photos, images, or graphics are encouraged and may be resized for placement. 

Newsletter Deadlines:
Please submit your contributions to before every Wednesday.

Click here to send your information

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,