To be in the moment of full joy and happiness 



Our lives are made up of moments. From small gestures to significant milestones, each one holds meaning and opportunity. At Hansar, we believe in certain moments. The ones that pull you away from your everyday tasks. The ones that make you forget what time it is. The ones that make you realize you do not need to be anywhere, but exactly where you are. At Hansar, every moment is an opportunity for joy and happiness. Through context and connection, we bring modern inspiration to life with Thai culture - crafting and sharing them to be discovered and enjoyed by you.

An individual experience waits for you at each of our boutique properties located throughout Thailand. As a local Asian brand, our luxury hotels and resorts are intertwined with the surrounding culture and community. For us, this means celebrating each location’s identity without limit or conformity. What do our distinctive locations have in common? Hansar Hotels and Resorts is a collection of unique properties- carefully woven together with the simple value of enjoying each moment as it arrives.

Hansar is the warm welcome and friendly smile from our staff, making you feel at home. It is treasuring that first sip of our handcrafted locally grown Thai coffee, giving you energy for a full day of business meetings or sightseeing.  Hansar is the simple joy of relaxing on a remote beach after a rejuvenating spa treatment. It is the twinkle of champagne as you watch the sunset over the gulf of Thailand. These are the type of moments that make memories - the memories that evolve into lasting experiences.

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Hansar Hotel Bangkok

3/250 Soi Mahadlekluang 2, Rajadamri Road, Bangkok, 10330 Thailand

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Tel. +66 2209 1234