SUPERNAP (Thailand), the most advanced data center in Asia

In Thailand, 77.8% of the total population is already an internet user. By 2025, 75 billion devices will be connected to the internet globally and there will be 175 Zettabytes of data on the planet.

To understand how data are stored, on February 25th, 20 BeLuThai (Belgian-Luxembourg and Thai) members visited SUPERNAP (Thailand), the most advanced data center in Asia.

At this occasion, the members were introduced to the technology powering the first hyperscale data center in Thailand, and how security, sustainability, excellency, and scalability have been integrated with patented solutions from design, construction of the building to its everyday operations. 

The facility, a replica of the Switch data center in Las Vegas, impresses by its state-of-the-art design, maximizing the compute, storage, network and security of the digital assets from large companies, multinationals, government and cloud service providers. 

SUPERNAP (Thailand) is carrier neutral and offers data center, cloud services or hybrid solutions to companies whereby their IT infrastructure is mission critical to their day-to-day business.  It is the only colocation provider to be certified Tier IV in the country, the highest data center international certification. SUPERNAP (Thailand) is also the only data center to guarantee 100% uptime and to offer 33 kW density per cabinet. 

After a presentation explaining a few of the patented technologies such as the multiple levels of energy redundancy, the revolutionary tri-redundant power systems, modular building design and 100% heat containment technologies, which makes the data center unique and the leader in the region, the participants had the chance to tour data center and had a glance behind-the-scenes.

A very instructive morning spent to understand where data is stored, processed, and distributed, how does a data center function, and why are these buildings so important to today’s connected world!

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