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We are a major industrial recycler dealing with a wide range of complex non-ferrous metal bearing residues, by-products, secondary raw materials… We represent a more than valuable alternative to land-filling and, as such, contribute significantly to the development of sustainable solutions to the depletion of natural resources.

Our current technical set-up is unique in the recycling world and is based on hydro-metallurgy. Our hydrometallurgical processes consume very little energy and produce very few quantities of CO2. Moreover, we encounter very few materials which can’t be recycled with our processes and are involved in the recycling of metallic components from new applications like solar cells, batteries, low energy lamps, wind turbine components,…

Also extremely active worldwide in the purchasing and selling of raw materials, by-products and products, we are building upon our Commercial Strength. We either direct the sourced raw materials to our Hydrometal plant or alternatively sell them to third parties. Our supplier and client base is highly diversified as they are located all around the world.

As an experienced and reliable partner, we place a strong emphasis on the development of long term and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and clients. We have personal contact with them on a day-to-day basis in order to better understand their needs and to maintain a high level of service.

Our continuous ambition is to strengthen our Group by achieving sustainable growth and development. Our Group’s mission is to be THE reference partner in terms of non-ferrous metal recycling in the world


JGI’s expertise is based on wide range of hydrometallurgical technologies which are unique in the world for treatment of complex residues containing non-ferrous metals which are often considered as toxic and hazardous wastes. We pay a very high attention to our contribution to the environment and as such, we make sure that our hydrometallurgical processes consume as little energy as possible and produce very low quantities of CO2. We are particularly proud of being able to give a second life to lots of metals and thus contributing to the prolongation of their life cycle.

Our technology and expertise form an integral part of the typical recycling cycle of raw materials : logistics and warehousing - we have important storage potential : 5.000m³ for liquids, 15 to 20.000 t in boxes, 7.500t for packed materials and 3.000 t in silos - sampling and analyzing, treatment via hydro-metallurgical technologies and finally packaging for sale.

We have as many as 9 different plant units which enable us to process a very wide range of different materials.

Finally, we spend considerable resources on our Research & Development Program which gives us a strong basis to our future business growth. Remaining at the forefront of innovation in our area of competence is indeed a major objective of our Group’s strategy.

All our recycling activities are compliant with all relevant health and security and environmental rules and permits, subjects which are at the very core of our Group’s Values and Commitments.

JGI Facility in Thailand

1/30 Thanon Bangpakong - Chachoengsao, Tha Sa An, Bang Pakong District, Chachoengsao 24130

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